Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Star Card/Holiday Theme

Generally when I do a Star Card, I make them 3 layers with 9 sections but this one has only two layers with 7 sections. I cut seven red 6x9, and seven red 6x7. Fold each in half. On three of the 6x7 cuts, I used my Nestabilities by laying only half of the Nestie on the fold of the card. Here is a sample, and you can see that there is a round opening on the smaller cut. I precut some Christmas dies from Christmas Cheer and Christmas/Noel, and Sizzix.

On those with center openings, be sure to lay your decorations/dies on the 6x9 cut before you attach the two cuts for each section. I place the smaller cut with opening over the larger cut and make sure that whatever diecut or sentiment I put will show. The cuts that have no center opening are easier to embellish and these will be embellished on the 6x7 cut. . I added sentiment rubber stamps, Cricut sentiments and titles, holiday die cuts from both Cricut and Sizzix.
Now that all seven sections (consisting of the 6x9 and 6x7 cuts) are embellished, you will now begin to attach the two cuts for each section. Glue the outside edge of the 6x7 sheet to the edge of the 6x9.. Now you will glue the other edge and pull the smaller cut to the edge. This creates the obvious layers and/or windowbox. Here are samples.
This page is actually the last of the 7 sections. It has a small pocket and a tiny card slips inside. This is where you will add your message and holiday greeting.

When each section is completed, you will now begin attaching them by glueing the back of right page to the back of the left page on the second section.. If there is a sequence, line up your sections before attaching. Big NOTE here...make sure when you are gluing one backside to the next backside, the sections are right side up. As many of these as I have made, today of all things I glued the back section upside down. Fortunately I caught it quickly and was able to pull the sections apart.... And if that wasn't bad enough, I decorated the back cover upside down and had to do a second round of embellishments and titles. Here is a picture of the sections being attached.

For the front and back cover, I cut a square 6-1/4x6-1/4 from chipboard . . I cut two strips of ribbon and glue each one of the edges about 2 inches in from the edge of the cover that will open the card...and then I cover the front of each with paper. I glue the back page of the first section to the inside of the front cover, and I glue the right backside of the last section to the inside of the back cover. When you are doing this, make sure that the two edges don't "collide" with each other when the Star Card is flared open to make the Star.. Again, make sure your pages are right side up before this final step.
One of the inside sheets.
Here is a photo of the folded Star Card, ribbon tied
This is a shot of the flared card.
A picture of the "star" when the front and back cover are pulled together. If you make a card with 9 sections and 3 layers, this card will be very impressive.
TFL,...I always have fun making Star Cards.


Norine said...

love the star card what a great job on decorating it

Janis said...

What a GREAT project!

Janis said...

There is a blog award on my site for you!

DonnaMundinger said...

These are sooo cool Carole! I keep telling myself I'm gonna try one some day. Maybe with these fewer sections and layers I may be able to get something going. Thanks for the instructions. I just love this! Hugs! D

Kim Dellow said...

Such a fabulous make. Kim

Anonymous said...

Carole, this is spectacular! It would take me a week to complete!

ddchili said...

Wow Carole this is fabulous. It must of taken you a week to make this.