Sunday, September 03, 2017

Totes and Stuff

                                                       TOTES AND STUFF:
Sweet Lanette of picked up some more of my crafty items to use in baskets or give as gifts toting other gifts. Lynette endured 5 brain tumors and it was that part of her life that led her on a true angle's path to support others going through brain tumors and surgeries.   I truly love being able to donate some of my items to Lanette.  It gives me great heart blessings to know that some of my craftiness will give blessings to others who are going through more than a rough time.  Just below are coasters, and "Tea Caddy Coasters" which have a little pocket and in the pocket I have slipped a little tea bag.  I am not a hot tea drinker but I do drink Iced Tea almost all day and night.  These little sewn items are great gifts.
 I did 44 totes for Lanette to use.  Here are just a few.  Her icon is a turtle with its tongue sticking out and the saying is "Brain Tumors Stink, That's What We Think".  I found a turtle appliqué and they look very cute on a little tote.

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Mona Pendleton said...

Hi Carole! It's great to hear from you! What wonderful stitched items for others obviously made with so much love! So thoughtful and giving! Thanks for the inspiration!